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Data collection

Burgeon extensive data collection capability is typically used for large-scale quantitative studies. Extremely global, we handle major studies for market research agencies by phone or on the Web. The Burgeon research operates 24/7 to conduct research worldwide. Using native speaking interviewers, we are known for its ability to reach difficult-to-reach respondents needed for the most exacting research. Key differentiators: • Global coverage • Phone-based research, managed and controlled centrally using. • Able to conduct multi-industry and multi-lingual qualitative and quantitative research in over 90 countries • Specialists in hard-to-reach respondents including ‘C’ level executives, policy makers, functional heads, and opinion leaders

Our clients (both agencies and end clients) have years because of our attention to quality, ability to meet timelines and transparent operation, giving clients access to real-time fieldwork performance statistics. We employ expert project managers that work to the highest quality standards. Our staff are multi-lingual and multi-cultural in outlook. All speak English as well as their native language.